Why is Threading done only on the face?

Threading can be done only on face. The reason for this is that since the face is a very gentle part of the body, we cannot pull or stretch it with lots of pressure. It needs to be nurtured very delicately. Hence the pull of thread is much more gentle than the pull of waxing or tweezing.

Also, if threading was done on other parts of body, it would take forever to get it done. Therefore Waxing is better for the rest of the body but Threading is the way to go for your face. The body can more easily handle all those pulls from waxing as the skin is thicker than it is on your face. Waxing is faster and can handle your body hair.

Lip Threading

Threading when done on your lip takes that fuzz or shadow away from most of our faces. Most ladies who come to me say that they do not see anything wrong on their lip. Yes there is nothing wrong but once done will bring the realization of the goodness of this service. You will see a change in how your skin blends all over on your face.

Myth: Hair will come back thicker.

Fact: Hair will never grow back thicker. Instead it becomes weaker and falls into a cycle where everything including brows and lip hair will grow in the same cycle.

Myth 2: You will not be able to keep up with the schedule.

Fact 2: You will not have to make a second trip just for lips.

Chin Threading

When Richa came to America and started offering threading services, she happened to notice that lots of women did not know how to get rid of their chin hair. Out of curiosity she would ask them what they do to get rid of their chin hair. The answers she received were unbelievable. Some of them just used a razor every morning, day after day, and some would tweeze whenever they got the chance. Some said they would wax.

She thought to herself, that they never new anything about threading. They don'tt understand that threading is much healthier than waxing, razoring or tweezing. It is the most natural way to deal with the unwanted hair. Hair will never come back thicker or faster. In fact with threading, the hair is bound to get weaker and weaker day after day. Try it to believe it.

Full Face

The service of Full face threading comes in handy for Newly weds or Brides to be. Sometimes as soon as a girl turns 16 years old, Middle Eastern countries including India start taking advantage of this service. Here in United States, if ladies feel that they want to get rid of the fuzz on their face *including side burns) they can easily opt for this service. It is painful the first time but if you keep on doing it it gets better and better. Results are so good that you will have your baby like skin back again and keep it feeling that way.

Advantage - Without the fuzz, your skin will absorb make-up better and it will last longer.